Gabriele Schliesser in an interview with Felicitas von Schönborn

Felicitas von Schönborn, author and theologist, interviews Gabriele Schliesser about the A-Logical way of release.

Interview auf OKTO zur A-logischen Erlösungsarbeit ®

Gabriele Schliesser an an interview with Irmgard Klammer talking about the A-Logical way of release.


Published 19.02.2013

Gabriele Schliesser (formerly Moser-Glück) is a spiritual guide. Her skills include:
Initiation therapy by Graf von Dürckheim, energetic body work, rebirthing, aquatic body work, systemic and process-oriented constellations, firewalking
Development of medial skills through body awareness and spiritual touch
Licensed astrologist (ÖAG)

My work is based on the knowledge that every single person is basically whole and complete.
That means everything you need lies within you. Nothing is missing.

You have plenty of pure joy of life, divine power of creation and power of self-creation inside you. (Gabriele Schliesser)

In the interview, they talk about: truth, questions to the inner self, awareness, body knowledge, A-Logical way of release, predicaments, re-incarnation, original wound sources, talents, reciprocally recalling, law of unity, believing in yourself.

This interview was recorded on August 15th, 2012 at the Innenhof Center, Kirchengasse 28, 1070 Vienna.
Aired on the TV channel OKTO TV, September 10th, 2012.