Zentrum Innenhof goes Ibiza!

Fotographer: Christoph Thanhoffer

„ Las Brisas“ spiritual healing on Ibiza.

I am very happy to be able to offer you the next level of my Alogical release work to continue your individual spiritual healing path.

I want to welcome you to my house Las Brisas, in San Rafael on the island of Ibiza. Allow yourself to stay with me for a while.
Sometimes your inner creative light may need a little time to feel protected, to be cherished and to feel strengthened enough to meet up your every day life challenges.

I offer a generous space and a friendly ambience without any programs! You may decide the duration of your stay.
Enjoy the comfort of your own room (bathroom and toilet included)

My space offers a pool, big dining table to share our meals, plenty of cosy spaces to read or write, do yoga or just relax and be lazy. Feel free to do whatever you please in addition to your releasing sessions. Let’s meet other people, see Ibiza’s beautiful beaches and landscapes. And if you feel like dancing, there is a lot of music on the island besides the discos in summer. Let us connect the spiritual work with the abundance of all of the above.

Spiritual healing means to enter the joy of life. Sometimes, after a long time of suffering and illness, the joy of life is hidden and needs to be „asked“! Lets give your joy the chance to feel at home in your creative light.

A-Logische Erlösungsarbeit® by Gabriele Schliesser