The A-Logical way of release is a new method/ solution to help people.
It is an addition to any treatment and is fit for everyone, from adults and children to toddlers and even sick animals It is especially helpful for those who have already been to countless doctors and/or practitioners but they „“can’t find anything” or “nothing really helps”

„I have tried everything but i still feel horrible“

Regardless of your diagnosis or if you just feel off and don’t know why. – Everyone is warmly welcomed.

It’s time to release people from their suffering!

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I have found the true source behind people’s suffering.
Illnesses, crises or sufferings of any kind recall injuries and painful physical experiences from prior incarnations which have never been seen or released.
There was no help, no hope and no salvation at the moment of suffering and it directly led to death.
Sometimes, people also lose a spark of their inner light in their current incarnation. We will explore this further during our session.




No matter what we are suffering from – an illness, a crisis, pain – it always goes back to an original wound source that yearns to be seen and released.
Every symptom tells its unique story.
My mission is to “see” this story and to transform and “fix” it.
Unlike psychology and psychosomatic medicine, the A-Logical way of release doesn’t stop at childhood or prenatal experiences.
If necessary, it will go beyond, to any experiences of past incarnations that have been collected and stored in our bodies.
The so-called original wound sources express themselves in various ways.
They release themselves independently and illogically. That is why we need a new logic, an A-Logical way of release, which is different for every person.



Analytical systems cannot detect predicaments a person has experienced and is still suffering from. These incidents need to be seen and released. This insight requires a completely new perspective of how we regard illnesses.

We have learned to blame ourselves for being sick or having a problem.
“What have I done to suffer from this?”
“Maybe if I had expressed my creative side more, I wouldn’t be suffering from abdominal pain.”
We all know these accusations, but they are wrong. The new motto has to be: What is it that yearns to be seen?

What yearns to be seen is the vivid part of the creative power every person carries within them. It is immortal and shapes itself over and over again with each new incarnation. If its development is neglected it will seek attention and cause pain in the process.

You and the people around you and any situations you are confronted with will “help” to tell the story of the experienced so that it can finally be seen and released.



With my spiritual touch I can “see” and therefore I am able to release a person in their current or past incarnation from their suffering .
Suffering of any kind is the direct link to a forgotten part of your being. If the original wound source has been seen, there is no more need for it to seek attention. This leads to an instant relief of symptoms.
A transformation takes place.
That part of yourself that was in the dark is now able to unfold itself. It will create new impulses. After an A-Logical release session, everything has been transformed. Further therapeutical steps to help the body fully recover are in everybody’s own hand.